Different Types of Wax For Candles

Different Types of Candle Wax

With the various types of candle wax on the market today, it is hard to determine just which candle wax will suit your candle making projects the best.

Widely used candle waxes are:

Natural-Vegetable Based 홈타이


Bayberry, also known as Myrtle Wax or Candle Berry is a rare, expensive natural wax made from Bayberry shrubs. The wax is made by boiling berries from the shrubs. The wax then floats to the top and is collected and processed for making candles. Bayberry wax has a natural greenish color and a fresh scent to it. With a melt point of 118 degrees, this wax is very hard and brittle.

Candles that are made from Bayberry wax are most commonly known as the Christmas Candle. Tradition is, a candle made from Bayberry wax that is burnt all the way to the socket, will bring “food to the larder and gold to the pockets”.


Beeswax has its own unique fragrance to it. Used without fragrance, studies have shown that beeswax actually helps to purify the air. Beeswax can be naturally filtered which results in natural white or yellow beeswax. Naturally filtered beeswax is filtered without using chemicals. White beeswax is highly refined by the Dilco Refining process, a well trusted method of naturally filtering & bleaching the beeswax. Not all beeswax suppliers naturally filter their wax. It is important to know if your wax is chemically bleached. Beeswax has a melt point of approximately 146 degrees.

Pure beeswax is known to burn longer and cleaner with minimal dripping. Candles made from Beeswax are considered a very high quality, expensive candle.


Candelilla wax is a vegetable wax found in great quantities in Northwestern Mexico. Candelilla is extracted from the scrub called, Euphorbia Cerifera. Like Bayberry, the wax is made by boiling the shrub, and skimming off the resultant wax. The raw material is then refined to a light yellow color..


Carnauba is a vegetable wax grown only in Brazil and comes from the leaves of the Brazilian “tree of life”. Carnauba palm grows in the northern and northeastern part of Brazil where the soil is dark and fertile. Quality and color vary with the age of the leaves, with the younger leaves providing the prime yellow color, and the older leaves provide the darker color.


Palm Wax is 100% natural wax made from the oil of Palm Trees. It is a hard wax with a melt point of approximately 140 degrees. It usually comes in flake form. It can be used straight or as an additive to other natural or synthetic waxes. The natural characteristics of a candle made from palm wax is the beautiful crystal effect that it produces.

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